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Exploring the Summer Landscape Through Art: Featuring Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries –

After last year’s long winter, it’s nice to thaw out for a while. During these warm summer months, I will be content to enjoy winter through the landscapes on my walls, and not with actual snow and ice! I thought I would treat you to some new acquisitions that have a summery feel to them. Since our gallery offers three centuries of fine art, I will share with you a sampling of paintings that not only spans time, but also the globe.” Read more

The Curator’s Eye Features Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries –

The Curator’s Eye ( recently spoke with Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries about his passion for art, his experience as an artist and a dealer, and how he incorporates a growing internet strategy into his business.

Lundberg explains, “I have been a collector and art dealer for thirty years. My grandparents were collectors and my mother was a painter, so it’s in the genes. My wife and I began collecting 19th century Scandinavian oils on our honeymoon, and I started selling art as soon as our own walls were full and we needed to make room for new additions.” Read more

The “Oil Baron” of Art Galleries –

When it comes to great art, Peter Lundberg is willing to take a few risks.

Lundberg owns each of the 350-some pieces on the walls of Janus Galleries. It’s always been “cleaner” to operate this way, he said, selling the pieces himself instead of taking a commission on sales and returning the rest.

“I have a deep respect for artists,” Lundberg said. “They’re particularly struggling now. If I believe in an artist, I would rather spend the money and then it’s my problem if it doesn’t sell.” Read more

Art Collections Brighten Corporate Walls –

A corps of professionals and specialists have mobilized to transform lackluster offices and hospital corridors into works of art.

Corporations across the country such as Microsoft in the Seattle area, Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Mo., LaSalle National Bank in Chicago and QuadGraphics in Milwaukee have established corporate art programs. Read more

Habitat For Humanity Features Salvaged Art
in Local Galleries

Window shutters, old T-shirts, broken tiles, a cigar box, shelf brackets, a cabinet door, recycled paper, doorknobs, parts of cars.

These salvaged materials have been repurposed into artwork that’s part of the 2011 Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show being held during the month of October in 18 galleries in the Madison area. Read more