Artists Wanted

We are always looking to purchase high quality oil paintings by listed American and European artists. Please email us a digital photo along with dimensions and pertinent information and we will reply immediately.

Some of the many artists we seek are:

  • Aldrich, George Ames
  • Adriani, Camillo
  • Brandner, Karl
  • Branuer, Olaf
  • Christensen, Godfred
  • Cilfone, Giani
  • Eaton, Charles Warren
  • Ede, Frederic
  • Gruppe, Emile
  • Gruppe, Robert
  • Hirsh, Alice
  • Hobby, Jess
  • Inglis, John
  • Jansson, Alfred
  • Knight, Louis Aston
  • Kusche, Karlton
  • Loven, Frank
  • Nichols, Hobart
  • Pancoast, Morris Hall
  • Peters, Carl
  • Philipp, Robert
  • Sargent, Paul Turner
  • Shulz, Ada and Adolph
  • Steele, T.C.
  • Thaulow, Frits
  • Wadsworth, Frank

and many more!