About the Gallery

Founded in 1985, Janus Galleries was born when a passionate collector ran out of wall space. Our collection has grown to over 1500 works spanning more than three hundred years, from the 19th century to contemporary works in American, European and Russian Schools. Roughly half of our inventory is comprised of deceased artists, including impressionists, regionalists, Hudson River School, Cape Ann/Rockport artists and other American and Continental categories. We have also carefully developed a wonderful inventory of paintings and works on paper by talented contemporary artists, from bold and hip urban scenes, to outstanding examples of Russian impressionism, to works by American realists and much more.

We have so enjoyed building our gallery over the last 27 years, and have made countless friends on all sides of the business, clients, artists and those in the trade. Our aim is to have happy and loyal repeat clients, and we do our best to work toward that end, providing excellent service and hopefully inspiring the same passion that we feel for our art, allowing our clients and future generations to enjoy their paintings throughout their lifetime and beyond.

Our extensive selection of paintings allows us to fit most everyone’s taste and budget. We are known for providing value for high quality artwork at affordable prices. If you are searching for that perfect piece for your home or office, and are having difficulty finding it, or have been discouraged by gallery “sticker shock,” please call, mail or e-mail us. We have one of the larger inventories in the country, with beautiful art in all price ranges.


Some of the services we provide our local clients are delivery, installation and advice on lighting and proper care of your art. We do appraisals for insurance and estate matters, and can help you to evaluate your fine art, or assist in finding a new home for your paintings and sculpture. No job is too small, or too large. We have provided art for entire buildings, and also get great pleasure in finding the perfect small piece for a special nook.

We invite you to enjoy this site, or visit our gallery located in Madison, Wisconsin. Please send us an email or call us if you have any questions about buying or selling fine art.


Our Staff


Peter Lundberg


Janus 073bI had a genetic predisposition to be involved in art. My grandparents were avid collectors, and even on a low budget, scoured the country for interesting paintings. My mother was an artist, and at the age of four, taught me to distinguish between a Bruegel and a Rubens. My collecting started in high school, mostly at art fairs, and expanded to gallery purchases in my early twenties. My first major purchases came on our honeymoon in Scandinavia, where I was captivated by the incredible beauty of the late 19th century Danish impressionists. That was when the hook was set, and within a short time, our walls were filled. What is an avid collector (addict!) to do when his walls are filled? Start selling so you can buy more, of course, and with that, Janus Galleries was born!

Thirty years later, I still feel the same passion and excitement about a new painting that I did with my first purchase. Discovering a gem by a long-deceased master, or coming across an undiscovered young artist still makes my heart skip a beat, and sharing art with new clients and old, who become long-time friends, is the best career in the world. You may reach me at janus@janusgalleries.com




Jolen Neumann


177_e-1The art world has been tugging on my sleeve all my life. I spent my childhood dabbling in painting, drawing, sculpture and summer art classes. I was surrounded by musician and artist aunts and uncles and always longed to possess their natural talents.  In college, I spent time indulging in Art History, effortlessly spending 2.5 hours listening to lectures from the Stone Age through Deconstructivism and wiling away hours in Art Museums appreciating the lines, perspective, color and emotion that artists, through the centuries, poured into their work. While working on my degree in Education, my interest in children’s book illustrations began and continued to blossom in the classroom as I worked with my students to help them learn to appreciate the art and illustrations they enjoyed daily.  A few years later, while working on my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies, I was momentarily swayed to follow my deep rooted interest in the arts, and combine two of my loves…art and organization.  Instead, I followed my love of education and organization and became a school librarian where I could teach my students how to discover and appreciate art and artists through books and research.

Life takes some interesting twists and turns and when I sat down at Janus, for the first time, the art world stopped tugging.  I’m in a career where my love of art, people, organizing and education all happily coexist. You may reach me at jolen@janusgalleries.com